Snow Angel
(These are the last songs of London)

I woke to these screams on the night after Christmas. My head was still spinning and, Liz she took the alarm with the kids so I don't know what time it was, but it was dark as I stood there watching these girls, 18, 19, messing around on our street, three of them playing in the snow, really off of their tits. Maybe they'd come from The Alibi or were going to XOYO.
One who was under our street lamp lit up then falls down, helps her friend to her feet. They start waving their arms around, singing “Why don't you come on over Valerie?" (by that Winehouse you know?) But this Valerie she sits where she is in our bins with the cat from next door. So after a while the other two go and the street lamp starts flickering orange and white.
Valerie, she tries to get up but she loses her grip and catches her heel, trips out into the snow. She twists and she pirouettes, comes down hard on her back. The street lamp it's still flickering orange and white as long black arms stretch out into that thing that kids do in the snow. Then blue lips smiled up and a snow angel sang to me: "Love is a Losing Game" on the night after Christmas.